Book Description

This is a handbook or manual if you like that is easy to read and very easy for you to put into practice, for you or a loved one to change your own cancer prognosis around to the positive.

I was very lucky to have a family that would not give up on me, demanding that I go on a cancer retreat that would give me the basic guidelines to help turn my terminal cancer prognosis around.

Everything that I learned on that retreat as well as from my daughter whom is a naturopath and soon to be a dietician, as well as 12 months of constant research on how I can beat cancer, has been laid out in 27 chapters over 112 pages for you to start your own cancer fighting regime. When I started my own regime, I read quite a few books on how you can beat cancer naturally.

Although these books gave me valuable information I found it quite tedious trying to find the answers I needed to know, these book just had too many pages. So wading through 300 to 400 pages of a lot of good information, (too much information) I would find that going back to some particular point of interest that I felt relevant, it was very hard to find your way back to that interesting bit of information.

Being told by a number of people I should write a book, so I to could help other people to achieve what I have achieved. I decided yes I do want to help other people however there is a lot of information out there that we don’t need to know. So I decided right from the get go, that this book would not be a complicated book, it would be an easy to read easy to get back to the important information we need to know. We have manuals for our car we get them serviced on a regular basis, so why not a handbook on cancer that is easy to read and easy to follow to show the way to build our immune system and get us back to health.

You can turn your health around and beat cancer, let me show you how.