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For the contents of this book I have drawn on the teachings and examples of extremely accomplished and intelligent people whom have given me the knowledge to take control of my own health regime and make a difference. How I am getting healthy and beating cancer with alternative therapies.

It was my intention to make this book an easy to read, uncomplicated handbook or manual if you like in bite sized chunks, so the reader can navigate throughout the book with ease, so there is no confusion in re finding any part thereof that may interest.

It is my hope that the reader will put the information to good use to start their own or help a family member start their own health regime to get healthy and well.

Chapter 7 – The Turn Around

Coming forward to October 2012 since I attended the Gawler Foundation retreat. Well it is time for my annual brain tumor scan to check whether my brain tumor has increased in size. As my daughter Becky had told me that the radiation from the scans were not good for cancer sufferers or anyone else for that matter, it would be better to minimize the amount of scans to necessity, I decided I was going to forgo the three monthly scans that the oncologist had organized for me. I would wait the 9 months and have my scans for secondary cancers in tandem with my brain tumor scan, so the affects of the radiation would be less effective on my body.

As nothing could be done by main stream medicine to cure my cancer what was the point in having multiple scans for no reasonable outcome, but to find out what was going on inside my body.

However I did want to find out what was going on, so I opted to wait till the annual scan for my brain tumor and have the scans for cancer done at the same time.

Well as it turned out I had CAT scans for my cancer on Thursday and an MRI for my brain tumor on Friday. I picked up the report in the afternoon wow was I happy the two largest nodules had decreased in size and the cluster had decreased. So I make an appointment with the oncologist could not see him for a week, I could not wait I wanted to talk to a medical person so I rang my GP and got an appointment the next day. The doctor looks at the scans and the report and exclaimed well it looks like you have turned your cancer around Kev, well done.

At my appointment with the oncologist he was looking at the scans and exclaims amazing. I said what do you mean he said I have only ever seen this happen once before and that was 6 years ago, that someone has turned this secondary cancer to the lungs around without treatment. He said come and look at the screen this is the scan from before showing that the two largest nodules increased to 7 mil round, there is a large cluster of smaller nodules, I said yes? He said now look at your latest scan the two largest nodules are only as big as a match head and most of the smaller ones have disappeared I said that is good yeah he said get out of here you will put me out of business (jokingly of course) I have a waiting room full of patients who would gladly change places with you, I said to myself yeah you really are a lucky bastard Kev.

So what am I doing now – back to the regime nothing will change for me until there is literally no cancer in my body. Then I think I will be happy keeping the same lifestyle.


Firstly, I was overweight at 105 kilograms, I am now 77 kilograms, a weight loss of 28 kilograms. Then there are the ailments I no longer have to contend with – irritable bowel syndrome have not had it since – diverticulitis have not had it since – I used to get both of these ailments on a regular basis sometimes being hospitalized with diverticulitis, I have not had either since I have been on my health regime but wait there is more I no longer get hay fever I could not even cut the grass now that is no problem and I do not need any medication. But best of all I had been on medication for acid reflux for over six years I do not have reflux anymore, I do not need the medication.

After being a roofer for over 40 years and eating mostly junky food the scans showed that I had arthritis in every joint and all down my spine I was always in constant pain now since due to this healthy regime I would say my arthritis pain level is only about 10%. So thanks to eating healthy and losing 28 kilos, I am building bone and I have lost 90% of the arthritic pain.

After 10 years of wearing my wedding ring on the only finger it would fit my right hand pinkie, my wedding ring now fits perfectly on the wedding ring finger – no more swollen fingers.

So that is very impressive don’t you think. I am cleaning up my act for cancer and cleaning up the rest of my body into the bargain.

To The Point

Look at my achievements so far
  • Seriously overweight – lost 28 kilos or 62lbs.
  • Irritable bowel symptoms gone.
  • Hay fever gone.
  • Reflux and heartburn gone.
  • 90% of arthritic pain gone.
  • Shrinking my cancer with alternative methods.
  • Minimising the number of scans I have as scans increase our exposure to radiation.